9. Is your Marketing and Sales aligned?

Lack of sales/marketing alignment costs revenues
One of the most often overlooked issue is the lack of sales and marketing alignment – different message, different process, different knowledge of the product and customer needs. Aligning sales and marketing is a very effective way to increase revenues.

1. Create a seamless experience for your customers
The customer doesn’t care about when marketing ends and sales starts – you need to make interactions seamlessly, no matter how you sell – online or through a field sales force.
  • Think like a customer to evaluate the marketing/sales experience
  • Work closely together without blaming the other side
  • Learn from each other, have regular cross-functional meetings
  • Understand the needs and challenges of the other side

2. Marketing and Sales needs to tell the same story
From marketing to sales, you need to deliver the same compelling story. This includes a solid understanding of...

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