7. Do you fully leverage Search Marketing (SEO and SEM)?

SEO is all about relevant content
Why is Search Marketing so powerful? It’s simple, you get customers to your site that are searching for what you have to offer. SEO is about making sure that those people find you on the web using relevant content and keywords.

1. The four key elements of SEO
Even without being a SEO guru, it is important to understand the key drivers of SEO.
  • Relevant Keywords: Identify the keywords that best reflect your business and are most likely used by your audience to search for products like yours
  • Good content: Develop good and useful content containing your keywords and ensure it gets published throughout the Internet, especially on sites that are relevant to your audience.
  • Matching Meta tags: Meta tags (title, description) should summarize the content of each web page by using relevant keywords, leading to higher page score
  • Keyword driven inbound links: The more reputable sites with relevant content and links (using your keywords) back to your site, the higher ranking you get

2. Think like a prospective customer
Step into the role of your potential customers. How would they search for a product like yours? What keywords...

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