6. What’s your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media needs a strategy and a plan
It’s so tempting to open an account and start tweeting and posting to Facebook – without a strategy or plan. Step back and define how you can leverage social media within your marketing strategy to reach your objectives.

1. How is social media different?

Social media is “done” by users and customers, not by you. So, how can you develop a strategy and plan? Well, you facilitate and encourage the conversation, you participate and listen. Here are some key characteristics and thoughts:
  • Know your audience: Go back to step 1 – study the social media behavior of your audience
  • Social relationships: People buy what friends and peers recommend
  • Less control: Customers and users run the show
  • Wider reach: Facebook and Twitter are the limit, so, it’s almost unlimited
  • Be honest: Deceit and cheating travel fast; honesty drives business in the long run
  • Learning: We all are still learning, it’s just the beginning of a revolution

2. Define your social media goals and objectives
Identify business areas where social media can support your overall objectives and goals. How can you use social media to improve and grow ...

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