10. How do you measure marketing success?

You can only manage what you measure
You might have lots of reports, but do you track the right metrics? Your key business and marketing objectives as defined as part of your strategy should determine your key metrics.

1. Define your key metrics
If you haven’t done this, do it now. Define key metrics based on your business or marketing objectives. Only then, you are able to measure the success of your strategies & campaigns.
  • Prioritize: Select your top 5 metrics to run your marketing/sales operation (e.g. # of leads)
  • Break it down: Identify the supporting metrics for each key metrics (e.g. site traffic, conversion)
  • Automate: Set up automated reports by email and online dashboards if possible

2. Avoid analysis paralysis
Avoid data overload and don’t settle with standard reports that your SEO vendors, your ad agencies, and campaign managers might provide. Define what you need ...

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