1. Do you know your audience?

Start with your audience, not with your product!
Understanding your audience is crucial to successfully market and sell any product. Start with your customers and users, not with your product – they are the people that give you the money. If you have multiple audiences, such as free users and revenue producing advertisers or sponsors, make sure you understand all constituents and how they might serve each other’s needs.

1. Understand the customer’s needs
Do you and your organization really understand the needs and paint points of your audience? Even if you think you do, take time to reevaluate your understanding.
  • What are the pain points and challenges they face?
  • What needs do they have that your product could address?
  • What are key characteristics that describe them?

2. How to effectively reach your audience
Everybody is overwhelmed by today’s information flood. You need to think about ...

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