Feb 18, 2011

Marketing made simple

Here is a nice quote from Leonardo da Vinci: "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"

We all have the tendency to show off all the cool features and product capabilities to impress people. We pack lots of information on our slides and forget about the core value of our product or service.

Why is simplicity important? It brings you back to the essence and core value of your product or service offering. Your customers will find it easier to understand what you do, they can better remember it and it is just easier to make the buying decision.

Why is it so difficult to achieve simplicity? It takes more time (not less) to make things easier, simpler and shorter because you need to capture the essence of the product or service your are offering.

Another great quote from an unknown author: "I did not have the time to make this letter shorter".

Tip: Try to explain in ONE (1) sentence what your company does. If you have some more time try this one: 5 word, 10 word, 25 and 50 word statement of what your company does. Just by going through this exercise, you learn a lot about the core value of your offering.