Apr 12, 2011

Is Camtasia the next American Idol?

Do you know Camtasia? It sounds like the name of an American Idol contestant, but it is not. Anyway, Camtasia is my idol. It is a video capturing and editing tool that makes it fairly easy to create product demos and videos. Here is why I think Camtasia is a great marketing tool for start-ups:

  • You can create low-budget videos in a few days
  • You can easily combine product screen recording with other graphic elements
  • You can easily edit the time-line and overlay your marketing message
  • Audio can be recorded separately and overlayed with music
  • You can easily export the video to Flash, Mov or other formats
  • It is "Do-it-yourself" - you don’t have to be a flash designer
  • You can easily edit the video as things change (which happens quite often in start-ups)

And I am not getting any commission for saying this, I am just a customer. And I write about this although I never talked to the Camtasia guys – they didn’t even have to sell it to me. Isn't that what you want from your customers?